koh larn pattaya thailand

pattaya thailand

koh larn pattaya thailand

koh larn island and beaches pattaya in thailand

On the occasion of my birthday I planed to give a nice present for my own, backpacking alone to koh Lan Island where I once made a trip with my friends. Yee Ha!

I catch min bus from the Anusawaree Monument to Lan Island at 7 am. The bus queue was parked next to Century Department store. The bus was comfortable with kindly service on reasonable charged 150 baths for one round.
The bus parked in front of the chore about 10 am when the Sun is mind for my trip.

Furry fee for 20 baths was paid before get in. I sat on the back less crowded than inside.

Today the sky took my emotion to somewhere far away, and I don’t think I was not alone who felt this way.

About 30 minutes the both took me to where I would stay tonight.

When getting the chore I was candid by Japanese girl, I might look so strange to her hahaha. But when I’d like to shoot her a shot she turned back with shy.

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